Is the Islamic Council of Victoria funded by terrorists?

It has been revealed that 80 per cent of funding for Melbourne’s peak Islamic body, the Islamic Council of Victoria, is from State and Federal government.

Oh, did I mention that Waleed Aly was their official spokesperson?

So, where does the remaining 20 per cent come from? Saudi Arabia? Qatar? Any other radical Sunni country?

Sunnis are the main sect of Islam responsible for the majority of Islamic terror attacks around the world.

We know that these wealthy Gulf countries like to spread their cash abroad, and sometimes that money has been used illicitly – for dangerous activism. It is concerning that the ICV hasn’t disclosed other funding sources. It is prepared to name the Government funding but nobody else. Why?

This is important because Hamas is a radical Sunni group and the ICV actively campaign for them. If the ICV is promoting a cause that also happens to be shared by one of its financial benefactors — well, somebody must question why government money is being pooled with money from extremist sources.

So, I’m asking: ICV, have you ever received money from a radical Sunni regime? From people associated with radical Sunni regimes? And why haven’t you detailed the rest of your funding sources?

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