About Avi Yemini


Avi Yemini grew up in an ultra-orthodox Jewish home of 17 children.

Avi is the tenth child. He was born the night his family moved to Melbourne.

Yemini got kicked out of home at 13-years-old. He spent time on the streets, in group homes and foster care. His teens spent mostly addicted to heroin and often in trouble with the law.

At nineteen, Avi Yemini volunteered to join the Israel Defence Force in a bid to kick his addiction and do something meaningful with his life. His time as a Golani marksman changed him for the better.

After serving almost three years in Gaza, Avi Yemini returned to Australia to start his well-known IDF Training gyms.

Yemini sold his gyms in 2016.

Today, Avi Yemini is a valued citizen journalist for the online-Canadian publication, Rebel News.