Stop attacking the WRONG people in protest of masks

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I get it. You’re pissed off, you’re confused, you don’t trust the government or just have had enough—but stop taking it out on the poor checkout chick at Coles or the Bunnings kid who are there on minimum wage following their bosses orders.

Cut them a little slack for not wanting to lose their jobs that they desperately need, especially now.

The person your screaming at, including cops, probably hate the mask more than you. They have to work at least 8 hrs a day wearing that thing, and you’re attacking them for the 5 minutes they’re asking you to comply?

I don’t blame you for challenging the directions from a government whose changed its mind on this issue more times than Bill Clinton partied on Epstein’s Pedo Island.

But again, it’s not the checkout chick, bunning kid or cop who you need to vent your frustration at. It’s the rule-makers you need to target.

As much as I question the effectiveness of a piece of cloth, I’m still going to wear it because:

  1. I think there are far more critical issues to protest, like the government killing our economy.
  2. It doesn’t stop me from doing anything.
  3. I also don’t want to get a fine that I can’t beat.
  4. Most importantly, if a mask does have even the slightest chance to save a fellow Aussie. Then why the hell not?!

So support it, or don’t. Wear it, or don’t. Please just leave the innocent workers out of your protest.

Go after the government who deserve it.