This is the DANGER of Chinese consulates

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Today the US government ordered Houston’s Chinese consulate to shut down, giving CCP spies 72 hours to leave America or face arrest.

This move isn’t shocking; it’s common sense. Shockingly, it didn’t happen sooner.

Security agencies warned China was using that consulate as a base for their network of spies. That changes the consulate’s status from diplomatic to combative. Especially since China has become so hostile.

And don’t for a second think we’re immune here in Australia.

Just last October, I was interviewing Chinese students who were angry at a Hong Kong protest happening in Melbourne, when they were suddenly approached and ordered off by a middle-aged Chinese man.

The next day I started a campaign to find out who he was, and it turned out he was a CCP agent.

They quickly shipped out the day of my campaign. But don’t kid yourselves, they replaced him, and our government should follow the US. We need to shut all CCP BASES in Australia immediately before it’s too late.