Australia raises over $40K for gang attack victim in 24hrs

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Following the brutal bashing of a defenceless 16-year-old, a GoFundMe campaign has raised over $40,000 in less than 24 hours. Meanwhile, the media and police seem uninterested.

The Attack

The vicious assault recorded on video has gone viral. The eight attackers, of ‘African appearance’, are seen punching and kicking the young teen sitting at a train station. Despite the fact it is in broad daylight, no one attempts to intervene.

The thugs seem to revel in their handiwork. Not only do they record the beating, they even upload the sick attack.

Wrong Narrative for Big Media

As is well known, mainstream media are focused on delivering a narrative, not the news. Currently, the story is racism against blacks by whites. In this case, it’s the other way around with a white victim attacked by blacks –– not a story they would like to advertise.

Thankfully, we have people like Avi willing to do the work. Not long after posting the clip, he followed with a report. The video has now viewed millions of times.

Another Police Failure

You would imagine with evidence so readily available, all that is required is for the cops to make a bunch of arrests. Unfortunately, you would be wrong.

Police claim that they need a victim statement. The problem is, a traumatised child that fears for her life is afraid to do so. So the police have ‘their hands tied’.

Of course, if things had been the other way around (namely the skin colour of victim and perps), we may have seen prompt arrests. With the help of mainstream media, we probably would have seen a lynching and riots.

Love and Support

If there could ever be something redeeming in such a horrific event, indeed it’s the love and support shown by strangers. Within less than a day, over 1000 people donated over $40,000 to Mik. Many also left heartwarming messages of support.

We The People

Something like this can’t simply be forgotten or swept under the rug. We must continue to share the story until justice for Mik is served.


The GoFundMe campaign has ended with almost ten times the goal raised! Well done!

Now we’re fighting for justice, please SIGN & SHARE the petition now:

Petition - Get these violent and brazen thugs off our streets - GoPetition