The TRUTH about the victim of Sunday’s brutal attack

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I’m setting the record straight about the 16-yr-old girl brutally bashed at Southern Cross Station on Sunday.

There’s a lot to unpack, and I’ll bring you the full truth. Before I do, I’m going to ask you to make sure to SIGN & SHARE the petition.

Petition - Get these violent and brazen thugs off our streets - GoPetition

You’ll understand why it’s so essential in a few minutes.

After posting the shocking footage that the mainstream media refused to air, the response was incredible. People were basically offering the clothes off their back for the victim. The GoFundMe campaign raised over $45,000 in less than 24hrs.

It was inspiring to watch Australia at our best.

But at the same time, I started to get messages from people who claimed to know the victim. They were making some pretty serious allegations.

As someone who prides myself in being truthseeker and truthteller, I could not ignore the allegations.

I investigated and found some to be true, and others to be vastly exaggerated.

It’s true: The victim, Mikayla, has participated in some awful behaviour herself, including ganging up on other girls in the past. Hopefully, now, her experience has taught her the impact some of her acts would have had on her victims.

That doesn’t in any way justify what happened to her.

But some of the allegations floating around are complete rubbish. Mikayla is NOT on bail for armed robbery, and she has never stabbed anyone.

But if you have ever been a victim of hers, no matter the crime, you need to go to the Police. Mikayla also needs to be held to account for her crimes.

Either way, Mikayla was undoubtedly the victim of a horrible and hard crime to watch, and I am making my mission to ensure that the gang of 8 brazen cowards are accountable (hence the petition I need you to sign).

Because in her case, they savagely bashed her for talking to the wrong boy. Let me be clear, that attack wasn’t revenging any of the allegations of her bad behaviour; it was punishment for ‘talking to the wrong boy’.

So you don’t have to like Mikayla. But if those violent thugs are willing to be that audacious to attack her in broad daylight, in a busy train station and upload it online –– their next victim could be my daughter, or yours or anyone else’s kid ‘who talks to the wrong person’.

This problem is a lot bigger than just Mikayla; this is about protecting our streets from complete and utter thuggery and contempt for law and order.

This is about justice NO MATTER THE SKIN COLOUR OF THE VICTIMS OR THE PERPETRATORS, because all lives matter.

They are refunding all donations. Mikayla never asked for the campaign; a family friend organised it on her own.

I promoted it, because like you, watching that video shook me to my core.

And that has not changed. I’m sickened by the attack, by the fact no one intervened, the media ignoring and that Police tried to avoid investigating it.

Petition - Get these violent and brazen thugs off our streets - GoPetition

On a positive note, thanks to every single one of you who shared the video, Victoria Police have finally changed their mind. They have now opened an investigation.