Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special was nothing special

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Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special focuses entirely on the George Floyd protests. At roughly the same time, anti-Trump leftist Sam Harris also airs his surprising take of the situation.

Whenever one of the greatest comedians releases a new special, it’s an event. When that comedian is Dave Chappelle, and the timing is now, it becomes almost essential.

There are two significant reasons why people were going to pay such close attention. Firstly, Chappelle’s material has always been so much about racism and race relations. Second, he is one of the funniest comedians alive today.

So what did Dave do with his special and the attention he knew it would get?

Feels over Facts

Please don’t watch it for a laugh or a wise take on the situation.

The special is titled ‘8:46’ which is the time the policeman had his knee on George Floyd’s neck. This fact was to be relayed repeatedly in Dave’s emotional performance. And emotional it certainly was.

Dave begins his act sitting on a stool depressingly and somberly. You can somehow sense this wasn’t going to be the same. He quickly launches into an impassioned speech about ‘racism’. No jokes. Just one man’s angry opinion about what happened and what’s happening in the US.

If you believe in the BLM movement and its claims, you may even be moved by it. If you are a strictly reality-based individual, you will be more than let down. His contribution to the current conversation is nothing short of inflammatory.

Of course, the mainstream media hailed it as ‘powerful’ and ‘hard-hitting’. In actuality, it’s just another depressing reminder of how general the insanity is.

When Truth Speaks

It’s always refreshing when we do hear an honest take on the situation. When you take into account the potential backlash, you know how brave it is.

An already established and ‘on the right’ personality is generally expected you be honest and real. When Ben Shapiro says ‘fact over feelings’, we know exactly what he means.

But what if someone on the left comes out against the BLM movement?

Sam Harris is a virulent Trump hater. Many of his positions on issues would place him squarely on the left side of politics. Still, he does possess a rare quality amongst the left. Integrity.

For instance, he often lambasted Islam for their treatment of women and gays, often to his peril.

A few days ago, Sam released a podcast relaying his feelings towards the protests. In contrast to Dave’s special, Sam bases his perspective on hard facts. Instead of using emotions, he uses statistics.

He even takes a realistic approach to the George Floyd incident itself. Something, not even the right dare touching!

Whether you agree with Sam or not, you must admit it’s brave.

Ultimately, we need these clear, rational and honest voices telling the truth. We certainly don’t need more emotions, feelings or drama.

All we can do is, keep on demanding an earnest analysis of the facts and figures. Hopefully, one day, sanity will prevail.