What you need to know about the people BEHIND the riots

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Following George Floyd’s murder by police over a week ago, riots in the US have spiralled out of control.   

To understand what’s happening, we need to look at all the people participating. 

Firstly, who are the people on the ground and what are their objectives? Secondly, who are egging them on and even directly supporting them? 

The People on the Ground

Several groups are involved in the riots. Some organised and others are not. Groups with political objectives such as Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa and Anarchists are spearheading a lot of the violence. 

But they are not alone. Hordes of thugs and gangs are also taking advantage of the mayhem to acquire free goods.

Black Lives Matter

The BLM movement seems to have the loudest voice in the protests. Their aims span from shedding light on perceived racism, all the way to defunding the police. 

BLM has a range of members and supporters. Some genuinely feel targeted by police. Likewise, many hold anti-white racist views. Some have even engaged in violence.

In a public debate that went viral, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro attacked (and destroyed) BLM’s main arguments.



Radical left-wing group, Antifa, have a long history of violence and extremism. The name ‘Antifa’ implies they are ‘anti-fascists’. In reality, the group will target anyone who doesn’t agree with their worldview 100%, kinda like fascists.

Generally, they will arrange rallies opposing a public figure or group. Their members will attend masked up and assault opponents as well as police. 

Almost a year ago, this violent attack on journalist Andy Ngo, was captured on video.

Only a few days ago, Andy shared this video of an unprovoked attack by Antifa.

The group’s involvement in the riots has been at the forefront. So much so, it led to Donald Trump declaring Antifa a terrorist organisation.

The Mainstream Media

Just like Covid-19, the left will use the protests as another way to have Trump removed. That means, the worse it gets, the happier they are. 

Of course, they will twist the narrative in every direction. If Trump tries to clamp down on the riots, he is a ‘dictator’. If he doesn’t, he is ‘losing control’. All the while, they will maintain the protests are ‘mostly peaceful’. 

CNN is still running headlines about ‘peaceful protests’. That’s despite their HQ being violently under attack.

Another strategy to inflame the situation is placing reporters directly in the path of the police. The hope is that the cops will arrest reporters ‘highlighting’ police ‘misconduct’. Again, CNN being the fakest of the fake news, actually succeeded.


Celebrities and Politicians

No social justice cause is complete, without the usual suspects jumping on board. Left-wing celebrities and politicians are all over it. Naturally, no one wants to miss this opportunity to virtue-signal.

But this has been different. Celebs and politicians are funding the unrest. Organisations like the Minnesota Freedom Fund take donations to bail out protesters arrested.

The list of celebrities is growing daily and includes figures such as Steve Carrell, Seth Rogan, John Legend, Drake. Even Joe Biden’s staff are getting in on the action.

Aside from the funding, tweets and posts of support for the violence are incoming. No condemnation. Just encouragement.


To sum up the objective of most of the people involved, you need very few words. Get rid of Trump. At all costs. 

As the death toll continues to climb, more questions arise. 

Who will face responsibility? What lengths will the left go-to for power? And why is a Black Lives Matter movement costing more black lives yet?