Avi Yemini ASSAULTED in ‘self-defence’

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Yesterday I was assaulted in Melbourne’s CBD for doing journalism.

The local Tibetan community held a free Hong Kong rally that I attended. Towards the end, a group of radical leftists setup a pro-refugee stand in front of the Tibetan community rally.

So I decided to ask them a simple question; Do they support the people they’ve set up camp in front of?

I was met with immediate abuse.

The activist then says she has three words for me, ‘go away’, which demonstrates what we’re up against.

Ironically she’s filmed claiming I am assaulting her by asking a question then proceeds to push me backward physically.

It’s important to note that when the activist says “you’re getting in our personal space”, I step backwards.

Either way, it’s common assault, but Victoria Police didn’t care.

Imagine I was a female leftwing journalist, and she was a male conservative; In that instance, I bet the police would take it very seriously.