Pro-CCP agitator provokes Hong Kong protestors

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Yesterday I arrived in Hong Kong to uncover what is really happening in the protests.

Almost straight off the flight, I joined the “peaceful lunchtime demonstration” in the business district area of town. It was peaceful as advertised and had me wondering how such protest action could turn violent so quickly.

Then everything suddenly changed.

A group of pro-China agitators came out of nowhere, in a bid to bait the peaceful demonstrators to chasing them into the hands of riot police around the corner.

When protesters met police, there was a lot of shouting, pushing and shoving but eventually settling back down.

During the dynamic situation, I was filming a piece to camera when a woman approached and proclaimed her support of the police.

She was one of the agitators and “supporting police” is their way of saying they are pro the communist government.

The woman claimed the protests “beat innocent civilians” earlier, which I challenged as I had been there from the start.

The CCP agitator then says she has it on video but for some reason can’t show me.

I’m glad I caught this setup unfold.