This is what REALLY happened yesterday in Hong Kong

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Yesterday, a new wave of protests ignited on the streets of Hong Kong. These latest protests sparked by two laws China is trying to force on the city.


  1. China wants to make it illegal to disrespect the mainland Chinese anthem in Hong Kong–stripping Hongkongers of their fundamental right to free speech.
  2. Beijing also plans to impose ‘security legislation’ on Hong Kong, which would destroy the city’s last bit of autonomy.

To make matters worse, Police are using COVID-19 as an excuse to outlaw protesting. The truth is, Hong Kong has well and truly beat COVID-19 with a mere total of 1067 cases and only four deaths since the first case back in January.

They are now using their virus to take control of Hong Kong. 

And no one was spared. Police went in guns blazing, firing rubber bullets and pepper spray—stopping, searching and arresting anybody and everybody, loading them onto busses and taking them away.

Many of the prisoners will disappear.

So help ensure their sacrifice in Hong Kong isn’t for nothing. Please share with the world what China is up to while the rest of us are busy combatting their virus.