This is why the ‘432 deaths in custody’ is FAKE news

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Leftists in Australia ignore sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse in Aboriginal communities. Instead, they focus on ‘systematic racism’ despite evidence to the contrary.

When Women Don’t Matter

The political left has always pretended to care about women. They certainly have a history of adopting any cause that fits that image. For example, think about feminists or the pro-choice movement. Both led and championed by the left. More recently, we had the ‘me-too’ campaign (though most of their targets ended being left-leaning too).

At the same time, they don’t always support the female cause. Particularly when it comes to minority communities, the left’s silence is deafening. The inconvenient truth for the left is, women’s rights and treatment are far worse in specific segments of society.

For instance, Islamic communities around the world fail miserably on this front. Issues like the ‘gender gap’ are laughable when compared to forced marriage, honour killings, burkas and grooming gangs. Predictably, the left remain silent.

Similarly, indigenous women suffer significantly higher rates of domestic violence (20%) and importantly, are far more severe. Studies show Aboriginal women in Australia are 32 times more likely to be hospitalised as a result. They also suffer much higher rates of sexual violence—another inconvenient truth the left ignore.

Communities in Chaos

Aside from violence against Aboriginal women, child abuse is also widespread in Indigenous communities.

25% of all kids physically and sexually abused are indigenous. That’s despite constituting only 3.3% of the Australian population.

Additionally, the murder rate by Aboriginals is almost five times higher than non-Aboriginal.

Indigenous people commit 15.7 % of homicides in Australia.

Again the left prefers to leave out that info and focus on the ‘real’ problem to the indigenous population. Racism.

The ‘Racism’ Lie

Black Lives Matter protests in Australia seek to use the same false narrative as their counterparts in the USA. They argue that Aboriginals die in police custody more than non-indigenous Australians.

The question is, is this based on facts and reality? Unlike leftists, statistics don’t lie.


The Numbers

Firstly, Aboriginals are less likely to die in police custody and the prison system than non-Aboriginal. Since 1991, Indigenous people make up 19% of all deaths in Australian prisons. In proportion to their actual numbers in jail (27%), that’s considerably less.

A further break down of the causes of death;
In prison, roughly 10 Indigenous people die per year. Most of them die from natural causes (58%)—another 37% from suicides and drug overdoses. Deaths from external trauma (usually prison fights) account for the remaining 5%.

The number of Aboriginal deaths in ‘police custody’ amount to approximately 6 per year. Of this number, 56% have been in incidents where police were not in direct contact—a further 21% from natural causes and 19% self-inflicted.

Facts over Feelings

What we learn here is a little research into claims can destroy a narrative.

No matter how popular or how hard it may tug at heartstrings, facts do not care about feelings.