Why does the ‘deadly’ COVID-19 suddenly not matter?

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In the wake of a harsh Covid-19 lockdown, thousands protested for ‘Black Lives Matter’ all over Australia. Meanwhile, leftist media celebrates the protests with no word on the potential health risk.

Over the past weekend, cities around Australia saw massive demonstrations in support of the BLM movement. At the same time, restrictions have been slowly easing after a strict lockdown.

Importantly, the media that scared our economy into paralysis, now cheer on the mass protests.

The Pandemic

When Coronavirus started spreading overseas, Australian news outlets circulated fears of a ‘supervirus’. As the death toll increased, their reporting became increasingly fixated and alarming. By the time it hit Australia, the media were in a frenzy.

At this point, the government had no choice. They introduced stringent lockdown laws to prevent a mass outbreak. Additionally, severe penalties were put in place to enforce the rules.

The Economic Price

Lockdown in Australia has caused immeasurable damage to the economy. Even experts struggle to calculate the cost, and it may be years to understand the full extent of the damage.

Nevertheless, what we do know is over a million people have lost their jobs. Countless businesses have gone bust. Furthermore, government coffers now drained from all the assistance provided.


The Great Left Hypocrisy

In response to Coronavirus, the left has landed squarely on one side of the issue. For a hint, look at social-media profile pics of people like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. What you notice is Coronavirus facemasks galore.

Of course, it’s just a smug reminder that they are on the ‘rational’ and ‘scientific’ side.

Aside from dramatic profile pics, there are their draconian laws as well. For example, Labor-led Victoria had the strictest lockdown in Australia. It also lasted the longest.

Now fast forward a few months, and they are actively supporting masses of people on the street to protest together, all over the world.

Let’s put aside all the riots, the looting, the beatings, the killings and the lying.
Whatever happened to Coronavirus? When did it stop to matter? And will the left stop destroying countries for fake social-justice causes?