This is the only BLM stat you need to know

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BLM in Australia goes on and on about the shocking ‘432 indigenous deaths in custody’ since the Royal Commission in 1991.

What they don’t tell you is that 58% of indigenous deaths in custody in Australia die of natural causes. They also ignore the 37% overdose and suicide rate. The remainder 5% is down to external injuries, mostly from prison fights.

In fact, in the almost 30 years, there are only one or two cases where law-enforcement were even in contact with the prisoner at the time of death.

Those couple of cases deserve justice, and you’re right to protest on their behalf if there’s no justice.

But be honest about it, don’t paint the corrections system in Australia as a racist concentration camp on the basis that people get old and die.

While you’re pretending to care about black lives down under why don’t you protest the 765 indigenous people MURDERED at the hands of ABORIGINAL offenders in the 23 years between 1989-2012?

You don’t have to answer; we all know the truth.

BLM in Australia doesn’t care about black lives. Otherwise, you’d be speaking out for 33 murdered every single year.

All they care about is tearing down our civilised system at any cost.