BLM protest linked to latest deadly Coronavirus outbreak

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How many times did I tell you the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne was responsible for the latest out of control COVID outbreak that has us all in lockdown here at the moment? A lot.

I’m not just here to say I told you so. I’m here to make sure this story doesn’t get buried amongst the other headlines.

So make sure to SHARE it far and wide, don’t let the Andrews government get away with it.

Newscorp finally reports this morning:

Health authorities have confirmed links between coronavirus cases in Black Lives Matter protests and a cluster of at least 242 cases in Melbourne’s public housing towers.”

We didn’t need health authorities to confirm that.

I’ve been saying it from the moment this cluster started. I was at the rally, I saw and spoke to people who told me they’d come from the hotspot. It was so obvious. Most rational Aussies knew it.

The truth is, since the mass protest, Daniel Andrews has been too busy ensuring no one makes the connection, that he lost control of the outbreak.

Even now that Victorian health authorities have had to make the connection public, they’re still playing it down and towing the Andrews line.

Andrew’s chief health officer Brett Sutton says

the protest hasn’t played a significant role in the state’s surging virus infections”.

Sure. The flats with 242 confirmed cases, linked to the school with 150 cases that all started at the BLM rally ‘hasn’t played a significant role ‘.

Shut up already and take responsibility.