Christian pastor ARRESTED for ‘exercising his rights’

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A Christian Pastor was arrested and charged for ‘exercising his rights’ in Sydney last week.

Victor Tey pastors The Church in Liverpool, an independent Bible-believing church in Sydney.

The pastor launched in a bid to protest the ‘draconian lockdown laws’.

Lockdown laws have since eased slightly in New South Wales.

For five weeks, Victor took his family to exercise outside parliament house in Sydney CBD.

He and his family exercised in activewear painted in protest slogans and carrying placards.

At first, Police seemed okay, until others decided to do the same.

On his fourth week, Police issued move-on-orders scaring some of the exercising public.

The next week, Police tried to move Victor Tey on but were stumped when he challenged their authority.

“What law am I breaking?”

Victor asked the Police.

Police struggling to answer, let Victor go, conceding the pastor was legally okay to exercise under COVID-19 restrictions.

Laws in News South Wales allow you to go out an exercise with a friend and your family.

No laws state what a person can wear while exercising, nor where they can exercise. They also don’t ban people carrying anything while exercising.

The Police suddenly arrest Victor for failing to comply with their move on order, saying he was ‘causing fear and alarm.’

Watch the full video, and you be the judge.