This is my open letter to the PM of Australia

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Because compassionate and sensible Aussies stand with the persecuted Hongkongers AND South Africans.

Dear Mr Prime Minister,
On behalf of all compassionate and sensible Australians, I want to thank you for your incredibly quick response to the plight of Hongkonger’s.
Unlike Britain, who is very much responsible for what’s happening in Hong Kong today, Australia’s generous offer to take in asylum seekers from Hong Kong does not come from guilt. It’s compassionate but also strategically sensible because Hongkongers make the perfect migrants. They’re hard-working (meaning they won’t leach off our welfare system), their violent crime rates are near to none (before these protests, Hong Kong was one of the safest places on the planet), they’re also anti-communist and extremely patriotic.
They have so much to contribute to Australia.
But being someone who has spent considerable time in Hong Kong, with the people on the frontline, I guarantee you that most of them will NOT take us up on our offer—for all the same reasons I just mentioned.
Don’t get me wrong; they appreciate the gesture and the message it sends to China. But most of them, for now at least, will stay and defend Hong Kong while they still hold the majority in that small territory.
What I don’t understand Mr Prime Minister; there’s another group who is just as desperate, who I’ve been advocating for similar special visas to Australia for years now and you haven’t moved an inch. South Africans tick all the same boxes. The only difference is the colour of their skin.
My inbox is full first-hand accounts of what is happening to the people in South Africa, daily stories of robbery, torture, rape and murder, so brutal; they’ll shock you to your core. I am happy to forward every single one to you.
There is no denying South Africans desperately need our help. They are a tiny minority living amongst a hostile majority; these people will take us up on the offer immediately.
It may not be as politically popular to do the right thing here, but surely their race cannot be the reason why you’re willing to leave them to die.
Please, Mr Prime Minister, throw South Africans the same lifeline you’re so thankfully throwing Hongkongers. And Australia will be better for it.