Daniel Andrews needs to be held accountable

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Victoria is officially in a worse position than we were BEFORE the 12-week lockdown that crippled our economy.

Our Labor government went rogue during the lockdown imposing the strictest restrictions on its citizens AGAINST federal health advice.

We couldn’t see our mums on Mothers day; we weren’t allowed to go to the beach or visit family and friends when other states could. Golf was out, and the list goes on and on.

Andrews embraced the power but at the same time permitted thousands to March on our streets which BTW we still don’t know how many cases trace back to that Black Lives Matter rally. I doubt we ever will.

What we do know is, twice Andrews refused military support in dealing with return travellers. Instead, he opted for giving contracts to dodgy security companies.

These companies ripped us off, often charging the taxpayer for guards that never even worked—paying cash in hand to unskilled, untrained, and in many cases, newly arrived immigrants who hardly speak a word of English.

Some of the stories coming out of Victoria’s Hotel quarantines are horrific. My inbox is full of them: I even got a message about a Guard taking people out in return for sexual favours. It’s mind-blowing.

The government is now blaming these same security guards for what’s happening here. They say a bunch of them got infected from travellers and spread it like wildfire in our local communities.

It begs the question: Why did Andrews refuse the military support, not once, but twice?

Every other state took up the offer of assistance from our military, and it paid off.