Fanos Panayides talks to Avi Yemini about his arrest

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Two weeks ago in Melbourne, a sizeable anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne was brought to an end when police suddenly swooped in and arrested one of the main organisers.

Fanos Panayides says the mainstream media called him the organiser because of his role on the TV show ‘Family Food Fight’.

In this exclusive interview, Fanos tells me he is not anti-vaccination but does believe 5G technology is responsible for Coronavirus.

When questioned about if he thinks the virus is real, Fanos said:

“People are dying, but they’re not dying from what people think they’re dying of”.

I asked him how Iran was ravaged by COVID-19 when they have no active 5G network.

Fanos is right about government overreach, and low infection rate in Australia. But that hardly proves anything his theory of ‘radiation poisoning’.

I do think Fanos is a good guy; he’s just wrong about some of his views.

That’s why interviews like this are so essential, and censorship has the opposite effect. The best way to expose bad ideas is by discussing them openly and not sending them underground.

For more about Fanos check out his website here.