Hero cop FIRED for begging his peers to do the right thing

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An American police officer has lost his job for uploading a video begging his peers to STOP enforcing tyrannical laws.

In his first video posted six days ago, Patrol Officer, Greg Anderson starts by greeting his fellow officers around the country.

The US Army veteran says to other Police offices,

“we’re violating people’s rights and taking money from them, or even worse, arresting them and depriving them of their freedom when they are exercising their constitutional rights.”

He begs them to stop, even if it costs their careers.

“It’s contradictory to everything our country stands for. And this is what I’m seeing, first amendment rights, telling people they can’t go to church. Freedom of religion. Telling people they can’t protest, freedom of assembly. Fourth Amendment violations, illegal traffic stops to check for papers. What are you, the Gestapo? Is this 1930s Nazi Germany?”, Patrol Officer, Greg Anderson added.

Today, the Patrol Officer explains how he has now lost his job.